• Intense | daab publishing
    Intense | daab publishing
    INTENSE by Mario Schmolka 
    A newly published exhilarating Photo-Collection 

    This first photo-collection of the Viennese photographer, Mario Schmolka printed in a hardcover coffee table book. The work, published under the title “Intense” by daab-Verlag was first presented at the Frankfurt Book Fair. The photos were created in a period of not even two years and present almost entirely “personal works”, building bridges between fashion, beauty, nudes, and portraiture. The pictures demonstrate an intensive level of collaboration with the models which would not have been possible without a solid bond of mutual trust. Strictly composed pictures interspersed with spontaneous improvisations are the hallmarks of this unique collection.
    Innovative variety and Marios refusal to follow a pre-determined order make the picture series an enthralling adventure offering a glimpse into the promising future of this young artist.
    INTENSE von Mario Schmolka, daab Verlag
    Price: € 41,10; 120 Pictures

  • Exhibition "Intense", Frankfurt
    Exhibition "Intense", Frankfurt
  • Exhibition "Intense" Westlicht, Vienna
    Exhibition "Intense" Westlicht, Vienna
    TV coverage Pro7 Westlicht Opening Night: